Week-End Inspiration–Slogging through the Wasteland

“The Muse visits during the act of creation., not before  Don’t wait for her. Start alone.”  Roger Ebert It’s been a long week and you are counting on having some time to create art this week-end.  You are pumped, you are ready, all your supplies out, then… nothing.  A big fat nothing!  The Muse hasContinue reading “Week-End Inspiration–Slogging through the Wasteland”

SEO, So So

“I’m not a marketing person.  I don’t ask myself questions.  I go by instinct.” Karl Lagerfeld (from BrainyQuote) How does the whole Search Engine Optimization(SEO) thing work and is it important for artists?  It may depend on two factors.  First, how tech savvy you are may indicate how effective SEO is for you. The secondContinue reading “SEO, So So”