Happy Thieving

“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal” Picasso (from Austin Kleon) Did you ever think you would like to own the work of a major artist, like say, Picasso? What would you do with your Picasso? Would you have friends over for cocktails and appetizers so you can show off your newly acquired masterpiece? Would youContinue reading “Happy Thieving”

The Plight of the Impudent Thief–UPDATE

The Plight of the Impudent Thief A 24 million dollar loss in the art world has been replaced in the news by a one billion dollar find.  Just weeks ago, the art world was lamenting the theft and probable burning of seven works of art from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam.  Now comes a newContinue reading “The Plight of the Impudent Thief–UPDATE”