Eyes of the Heart

  “I shut my eyes in order to see.” Paul Gauguin (from Skinnyartist.com) How can one create with eyes shut? Gauguin’s statement would seem to not make any sense. Does he mean painting with a blindfold on? Many paintings out there look as though they have been painted with a blindfold on. Many more lookContinue reading “Eyes of the Heart”

Bottled Sensation

“Painting from nature is not copying the object, but realizing one’s sensations.” Paul Cezanne (from The Painters Keys) Seasonal changes and their effects on artists are likely as different as one artist’s work is from another. Copying nature improves with practice. The tough part is the “realizing one’s sensations” part. Each season brings new andContinue reading “Bottled Sensation”

Weekend Inspiration–Forging Van Gogh

  Van Gogh’s energy, so evident in all his work, is not as easy to emulate as one might think.  Follow the Master Forger as he helps three artists try to capture Van Gogh’s energy in self portraits.  My first attempt at painting was a go at emulating Van Gogh.  While the emulation was notContinue reading “Weekend Inspiration–Forging Van Gogh”

Brushing up Adventure

“The bold adventurer succeeds the best.” Ovid (from The Painter’s Keys) Suddenly the realization dawns that things have gone stagnant.  The same direction is going on and on, endlessly.  Everything is feeling redundant.  It’s a circle going round and round.  What can be done to stop this looming boredom?  Maybe its time to go forContinue reading “Brushing up Adventure”

Sensing Sensitivity

“Sensitivity to touch is one of the key distinctions between an artist and a person who is just using paint.” Van Waldron Is sensitivity a key element in successful art?  Much is written about the senses and sensitivity.  Opinions are all over the board on whether sensitivity matters and whether artists and creative people areContinue reading “Sensing Sensitivity”

Mossy, Knife Sharpening Green

“All theory, Dear Friend, is gray.  But the Golden Tree of Life springs ever green.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (from Brainyquote.com) Landscape painters, ceramists, make-up artists, soap makers and more love this mossy green pigment.  Chromium Green has been available for two centuries and has recently been discovered in the paintings of J. M. W.Continue reading “Mossy, Knife Sharpening Green”

Colorful Fridays–Soapy Violet Make-up

“A color is as strong as the impression it creates.” Ivan Le Lorraine Albright (from Susie Gadea) Organic mineral compounded Manganese Violet is short on talk from artists.  Few have much to say about this rich reddish purple and direct compliment of Chromium Green. Manganese Violet has been around since 1868 where it was firstContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–Soapy Violet Make-up”