A Lack of Hoof Beats

“Politicians don’t bring people together. Artists do.” Richard Daley, Former Mayor of Chicago (from PerformingArtsConvention.org) When news of the financial demise of the city of Detroit began leaking out, the fate of the magnificent collection of the Detroit Institute of Art came into question. Many were hoping for a knight in shining armor atop aContinue reading “A Lack of Hoof Beats”

The Language That We Speak

“Art is a basic human language that is universal among cultures and across time.” –Peter William Brown (from The Painter’s Keys) The well from which visual art arises in the soul is a place difficult to put into words.  Artists express what is in this place through what they put on paper or canvas. ItContinue reading “The Language That We Speak”

Forging Reality

“The handwriting on the wall may be a forgery.” Ralph Hodgson (from Brainyquote) Two opposing articles have been published recently about the forgeries that brought down the venerable Knoedler and Company Gallery in New York City.  One viewpoint in the New York Times, argues that forgeries are a good thing for the art world.  TheContinue reading “Forging Reality”

Theft in Point

Ever wonder what art thieves do with stolen priceless art?  Me too.  You can’t buy a home, car or anything tangible with the stolen art.  Its not currency. Why rob a museum when you can rob a bank?  The security is similar.  Most major works stolen can never be displayed anywhere.  They can’t be easilyContinue reading “Theft in Point”