Sunday Slideshow–Springing Around

The Star Magnolia are blooming profusely this week.  The scent is wonderful!  These trees are on the grounds of the Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sunday Slideshow–Postcards of March in Nashville

Saturday was a beautiful 62 degrees (F).  (Last week we had an ice storm!)  It was the perfect day to go downtown and play tourist.  My friend, Sue and I walked around and mingled with the tourists, seeing Nashville from their eyes.  When you live in a popular tourist attraction you forget why people come until you step into their shoes and pick up the holiday spirit.  The tall glass buildings on the hill overshadow the famous Ryman Auditorium and the Honky Tonks of Lower Broadway.  From the Hard Rock Cafe we watched the horse drawn carriages, the bicycle taxis and the Pedal Bar go by.  We could see people crossing the Cumberland River on the foot bridge and the crowd on the rooftop of the RockBottom Brewery.  From Lower Broad, we walked up the hill checking out the reflections in the glass of the AT&T building affectionately known in Nashville as the “Bat Building,” for it’s resemblance to the Caped Crusader.  We looked at churches beneath tall bank buildings.  We went up to the old Arcade, almost deserted on a Saturday, where art galleries line the upstairs balcony overlooking the little cafes and shops that serve the downtown office crowd.  Finally, we inspected the scrollwork on a few old buildings tucked away amidst the newer glass ones. All in all, it was a day to remind me of why, after years of traveling far and wide, I finally came home to Nashville.  It was a good day.

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Blurry Lines

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 5.35.42 PM

Where are the lines between Art and Craft?

The fall Art and Craft fairs are in full swing now.  Who decides whether it is Art or Craft?  Are there a set of rules that say this is craft and that is art?  The debate has raged on and on with no definitive answers.  A search turns up numerous articles and forums on the subject.

Attending the Tennessee Arts and Crafts Fair in Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday, I walked around with this idea in mind.  Could I distinguish which was which? Sometimes.  More often, items seemed to be both.

The blog, Divine Caroline has an article written by Mary Francis.  Francis says, “This entire discussion is particularly touchy in an artistic world where a lot of the products can be gasp useful (like quilts, or wearable art or jewelry) but does its use and technique demean it as art? Personally, I don’t think so.”  Maybe it is in the eye of the beholder.

The lines between art and craft are very blurry at times.  It is and, perhaps, always will be a matter of opinion.  You be the judge.

Ceramic artist David Gurney talks about the difference on a You Tube video here



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