Weekly Photo Challenge–Street Life

  This rolling bar has patrons pedaling around the streets of Nashville while drinking themselves into oblivion.  I don’t think the guy on the back is pulling his weight in the first pic.  The others don’t seem to notice.  Maybe they’ve had too much already!  I hope the bartender is keeping them on the roadContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge–Street Life”

Sunday Slideshow–Percy Warner Park

Autumn in Percy Warner Park   Step out of the busy stressful everyday life for a drive through Percy Warner Park in the Fall.  Feed the Soul.  Prime the pump with inspiration. The one-way road winds around a hill to the top then down again.  The dense trees of the forest surrounding the road areContinue reading “Sunday Slideshow–Percy Warner Park”

Soul Food

“Cross Creek belongs to the wind and rain, to the sun and the seasons, to the cosmic secrecy of seed, and beyond all, to time.”  Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings There’s a place in Nashville far enough off the tourist path to remain an oasis for nature lovers and others seeking relief from the hectic pace ofContinue reading “Soul Food”

Blurry Lines

Where are the lines between Art and Craft? The fall Art and Craft fairs are in full swing now.  Who decides whether it is Art or Craft?  Are there a set of rules that say this is craft and that is art?  The debate has raged on and on with no definitive answers.  A search turnsContinue reading “Blurry Lines”