Weekend Inspiration–Nature Inspired Inventions

Fun and amazing inventions inspired by the humble gecko and other small creatures.  Nature is so amazing and always a great source of inspiration and information.  Its fascinating to me to see how inventors come up with their ideas.

The Non-fiction Artist

“All has not been said and never will be.” Samuel Beckett (from The Painter’s Keys) Does originality and imagination require an artwork be cut from a whole new cloth or is it simply to look from a fresh angle? The push to constantly startle the viewer has led art further and further out on aContinue reading “The Non-fiction Artist”

Imitating Imagination

“Don’t play what’s there.  Play what’s not there.” Miles Davis (from The Painter’s Keys)   Definitions and claimants to the dominion of imagination abound.  Everybody wants to claim imagination.  Has the word lost its meaning?  Who really understands what imagination is all about?  Everywhere you turn someone or something is called “Imagination” from cruise shipsContinue reading “Imitating Imagination”

A Magical Imagination

“One of the virtues of the very young is that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination.” Sam Levenson  (from The Painter’s Keys) Is true imagination alive and well today?  Imagination can appear to be an exercise in futility when art is created by rote.  Over and over an artistContinue reading “A Magical Imagination”