Week End Inspiration–Get Physical

“Stop talking.  Start walking.”  L.M. Heroux  (from Skinnyartist.com) New research is proving that the best way to get the creative juices flowing is regular participation in exercise.  Making time for a regular walk may be just the ticket to new inspiration.  Walking clears the head and starts the flow of endorphins.  Everybody loves endorphins.   Endorphins… Continue reading Week End Inspiration–Get Physical

The Breathing Heart

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”  William Wordsworth (from Becoming Minimalist.com) Why do we start blogs?  Ask that question and many answers will pop up.  The most popular are to make money or to promote a business.  But a funny thing happens along the way.  The heart starts to get into it. … Continue reading The Breathing Heart

Panic Aversion

“The object isn’t to make art, but to be in that wonderful state that makes art inevitable.”-Robert Henri (from Skinnyartist) The search for inspiration can be a never- ending battle.   Nothing is working.  The feeling can range from confusion to panic.  What if you never get your inspiration back?  Where do you turn?  Listening to what… Continue reading Panic Aversion

A Heart Falls in the Woods

“Art is Literacy of the heart”—Elliot Eisner The heart speaks through art as any artist can attest but do others always hear?  Does it matter as long as the heart speaks?  Artists are driven to continue to speak whether anyone is listening or not.  Does it matter to the artist whether or not his/her heart… Continue reading A Heart Falls in the Woods