Eclipsing the Brain

Better be without logic than without feeling. Charlotte Bronte (from The Painter’s Keys) The purpose in art is frequently directed toward the rational, the brain. Many artists seek ways to make the meaning clear so that others may discern the intent. The purpose is for people to appreciate the art because they have grasped theContinue reading “Eclipsing the Brain”

Sunday Slideshow-Foggy Fall Morning on the Mountain

A beautiful mist shrouded this October morning on Monteagle Mountain in Southeast Tennessee. An eerie stillness covers the landscape where only the sounds of the dripping beads of moisture on the trees can be heard. Gradually, the mist burned off and a gorgeous bright sunny fall day appeared. Many thanks to Kris Morton of FourContinue reading “Sunday Slideshow-Foggy Fall Morning on the Mountain”

Consciously Unconscious

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” Edward Hopper (from   An eagle in flight, the newly opened bud of a spring flower, the crashing waves on a white sandy beach are sights that can momentarily take the breath away. For many artists the feeling cannot beContinue reading “Consciously Unconscious”