No More Applesauce

“If apple is the language of the future then art must be its core.”  Elliot Eisner Life without art is bland, soulless.  Art lights up even the most mundane of daily tasks.  Imagine a world without the beauty of the musical note, the brush stroke, the written word, the dance movement and more from theContinue reading “No More Applesauce”

Right Brain Vision, Left Brain Knowledge

“It is in this sense, I believe, that the field of education has much to learn from the arts about the practice of education.”  Elliot Eisner (from    Artists regularly utilizing drawing in their work know it sharpens visual skills and heightens awareness of the focused subject.  Science is coming around to that awareness, as well,Continue reading “Right Brain Vision, Left Brain Knowledge”

A Heart Falls in the Woods

“Art is Literacy of the heart”—Elliot Eisner The heart speaks through art as any artist can attest but do others always hear?  Does it matter as long as the heart speaks?  Artists are driven to continue to speak whether anyone is listening or not.  Does it matter to the artist whether or not his/her heartContinue reading “A Heart Falls in the Woods”