Weekend Inspiration–App, App and Away

“Draw everywhere and all the time. An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached.” Irwin Greenberg (from The Painter’s Keys) Suppose you are out and about without a sketchbook when suddenly the urge to draw strikes. It’s in your head but you need to record it. What can you do? This moment may neverContinue reading “Weekend Inspiration–App, App and Away”


“You can’t do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh.”                                                             John Singer Sargent   (from Brainyquotes)      Sketching is vital to developing artistic vision.  For some artists it requires focus and discipline. For others, sketching is the artistic vision.  As sketching evolves by the hand of the later, it gains an energy and dramaContinue reading “Sketchlife”