Art in Healthcare–Dance and the Hip Op-eration Crew

Check out the video link (here) on how this amazing group from New Zealand made the trip to Las Vegas for the International Hip Hop Dance Competition. Dancing is valuable for seniors and others with mobility issues.  This group of seniors took that advice seriously and formed their own Hip Hop dance group. Nothing isContinue reading “Art in Healthcare–Dance and the Hip Op-eration Crew”

A Magical Place

“If these shadows we have offended, think but this and all is mended, That you have but slumbered here, While these visions did appear” —Shakespeare,  A Midsummer Night’s Dream “The place where the fairies danced” was how my great aunt described a quiet spot in the woods she knew.  She was in her eighties.  IContinue reading “A Magical Place”

Dancing Neurons

When starting to paint, I always have an image in my head that I want to come out on the canvas.  It never does.  My hand must have its own brain.  Or the neurons bumping around in my brain go haywire before they reach my hand.  What appears under my hand is usually something wildlyContinue reading “Dancing Neurons”