Colorful Fridays–The Yellows

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” Pablo Picasso Colorful Fridays has reached a turning point where the majority of single colors have been covered.  Colorful Fridays will begin color mixes after recapping the colors we have covered.  Here are the yellows: Healthy Love InspiringContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–The Yellows”

Colorful Fridays–Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow

“What a horrible thing yellow is.”  Edgar Degas (from Few paints are as controversial as the much-maligned yellow known as Aureolin.  Artists either love it or hate it.  Aureolin will turn a greenish brown eventually but not everyone believes this is a bad thing.  This greenish brown can be quite useful in many mixes,Continue reading “Colorful Fridays–Misunderstood, Mispronounced Exploding Yellow”

Colorful Fridays–Fruity Green

“Are you green and growing, or ripe and rotting?” Ray Kroc (from Brainyquote) Many painters rely on Hooker’s Green for the precise replication of the trees of the forest and the grass of the fields but its origins are with the botanical artist renowned for his fruit depictions, William Hooker (1779-1832).  Hooker began mixing colorsContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–Fruity Green”