Colorful Fridays-Essentially Red

Click the links for a look back at the main reds used by most artists, for a bit of history and a few tips. Wallet Friendly Fire-engine Red Expensive Wormy  Insect Red The Invisible Color of Harmonious War Incredible Inedible Yellow-reds The Rosy Red Sisters The Queen’s Red

Colorful Fridays–The Yellows

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” Pablo Picasso Colorful Fridays has reached a turning point where the majority of single colors have been covered.  Colorful Fridays will begin color mixes after recapping the colors we have covered.  Here are the yellows: Healthy Love InspiringContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–The Yellows”

Colorful Fridays–Shady Green

Originally posted on Painting Pundit:
“Like emotions, colours are a reflection of life.” – Janice Glennaway (from Irene Osborne) Most greens fall into the yellow spectrum following the colors of leaves, grass and other growing things of the natural world.  These greens usually produce a nice mud color if mixed with red.  The discovery of…

Colorful Fridays–Two Carl, Keep Calm Purple

“But, luckily, he kept his wits and his purple crayon.” From Harold and the Purple Crayon (1955) (from If you want to know more about this deep rich clear purple, look to the artists. Only the artists have an appreciation for this purest purple. Dioxazine Purple is a mainstay for today’s flower and natureContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–Two Carl, Keep Calm Purple”

Colorful Fridays-Accidental, Grandmotherly, Dusty Purple

“Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.” James McNeil Whistler In the nineteenth century, the color mauve became all the rage in more than one country, so much so that the 1890’s were called The Mauve Decade, in a book by Thomas Beer. The rage started with two royal ladies, Queen Victoria of EnglandContinue reading “Colorful Fridays-Accidental, Grandmotherly, Dusty Purple”

Colorful Fridays-Wallet Friendly, Fire Engine Red

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” Bill Blass (from The very-expensive, highly-toxic Vermilion red was replaced by the lesser expensive and less toxic Cadmium reds in artist’s palettes in the nineteenth century.   Less toxic and less expensive was less than perfect so the search for the perfect red continued.   Eventually, chemists came upContinue reading “Colorful Fridays-Wallet Friendly, Fire Engine Red”

Colorful Fridays–Expensive, Wormy, Insect Red

“A good painter needs only three colors, black, white and red.” Titian (from The Painter’s Keys) Older than Ultramarine from Lapis Lazuli, probably as old as ivory Black, the warm orange-red known as Vermilion has ancient roots. From Chinese laquerware to the villas of Pompeii to illuminated manuscripts and more, Vermilion was the red anchorContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–Expensive, Wormy, Insect Red”

Colorful Fridays–Basically Black

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the cat is going somewhere.”  Groucho Marx Artists are divided on the use of black in painting.  Many artists prefer to mix black from complementary colors believing this mix to have more depth than actual black from a tube.  Some artists use no black at all.  RembrandtContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–Basically Black”

Colorful Fridays–Moldy, Oily, Creepy Brown

“I cannot pretend to be impartial about colors.  I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns” Winston Churchill (from Warning to fans of Burnt Umber: this will not be pretty.  Treatises on Burnt Umber tend to be generally polite and seldom stoop to name calling, however unflattering theyContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–Moldy, Oily, Creepy Brown”