Weekend Inspiration–Turning Negative Into Positive

“I don’t mind what the critics say.  The worst thing is to be ignored.”  Les Dawson (from Brainyquote) Rare is the artist, writer, photographer, musician who doesn’t at some time receive negative criticism.  After getting past wishing for a VooDoo doll of the critic to stick pins into, try some of these very good suggestionsContinue reading “Weekend Inspiration–Turning Negative Into Positive”

Colorful Fridays–Blow Out Blue

“If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.”  Paul Gauguin (from Sensational Color) Phthalo Blue is anything but a soft, peaceful calming blue.  Phthalo Blue will knock the socks off of any mix it comes in contact with.  Phthalo Blue is not for the feeble hearted.  Generally blues are thought to beContinue reading “Colorful Fridays–Blow Out Blue”

Artists in Healthcare–Bloggers Who Know

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of daily life.”  Pablo Picasso Picasso’s statement above pops up frequently.  It is a much-quoted line with a depth of wisdom that touches on many areas.  As related to the Arts in Healthcare, the line can literally mean the difference between sickness and health.  No.  I amContinue reading “Artists in Healthcare–Bloggers Who Know”

Sunday Slideshow–Water Reflections

Water Reflections As the winter moves on it is a wonder to see the bare branches reflecting in the water.  Spring will soon be here and these leafless winter trees will be forgotten as fresh new green takes over.  But for now they peacefully hang over the water calmly reflecting in the surface and onContinue reading “Sunday Slideshow–Water Reflections”

Vexing Vexations

“Expectation is the mother of all frustration.”  Antonio Banderas (from Brainyquote) All artists experience frustration at some time or other.  It is a fact of life.  How one chooses to handle the frustration can make a huge difference.  Or not.  Fantasizing about destruction of another’s artwork may have occurred in the thought processes of someContinue reading “Vexing Vexations”

Arts in Healthcare–Doodling for the Health of It

“Drawing is a frame of mind, a loving embrace if you will.” Susan Avishal (from The Painter’s Keys) How often do students get in trouble for doodling during class?  Doodling, new research is showing, may not be such a bad thing at all.  In fact doodling may be good for your health.  While supposedly zoningContinue reading “Arts in Healthcare–Doodling for the Health of It”

Mossy, Knife Sharpening Green

“All theory, Dear Friend, is gray.  But the Golden Tree of Life springs ever green.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (from Brainyquote.com) Landscape painters, ceramists, make-up artists, soap makers and more love this mossy green pigment.  Chromium Green has been available for two centuries and has recently been discovered in the paintings of J. M. W.Continue reading “Mossy, Knife Sharpening Green”

The Elusive Muse

“Often the muse will not respond to direct and logical requests.  She must be lured in with the playful and the gentle.”  Jill Badonsky (from The Painter’s Keys) One of the most painful issues for anyone in the arts is the feeling that the muse has gone.  All inspiration has dried up.  The art isContinue reading “The Elusive Muse”

Meandering Toward Insight

  “We must jump into the unknown to gain new insight.”   Nicoletta Baumeister  (from The Painter’s Keys) Artists are frequently accused of being flighty, flakey or daydreamers by analytical reasoning types.  The accusation is not intended to be flattering.  The artistic daydreamer is completely misunderstood by the analytical reasoner.  New research is pointing out theContinue reading “Meandering Toward Insight”