Cooking With Art

“Cooking is like love.  It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” Harriet Van Horne (from Brainyquote) An art theft in the 1970’s has finally been solved. The story is told by the Los Angeles Times of the recent discovery of two paintings stolen from a private residence in London. The thievesContinue reading “Cooking With Art”

The Plight of the Impudent Thief–UPDATE

The Plight of the Impudent Thief A 24 million dollar loss in the art world has been replaced in the news by a one billion dollar find.  Just weeks ago, the art world was lamenting the theft and probable burning of seven works of art from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam.  Now comes a newContinue reading “The Plight of the Impudent Thief–UPDATE”

Theft in Point

Ever wonder what art thieves do with stolen priceless art?  Me too.  You can’t buy a home, car or anything tangible with the stolen art.  Its not currency. Why rob a museum when you can rob a bank?  The security is similar.  Most major works stolen can never be displayed anywhere.  They can’t be easilyContinue reading “Theft in Point”