Beautifully Purposeful

“Create we must, and respond to this dark hour.” Makoto Fujimura The artistic process for many can be a compulsion, striving to express an idea, a thought, a feeling bubbling up from deep inside. The expression is often not consciously mulled over before erupting into reality. How much time is spent reflecting on the purpose… Continue reading Beautifully Purposeful

Chancing the Serendipitous

“Serendipity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Author Unknown (from The Painter’s Keys) Everyone wants to lay claim to serendipity.  Search for artists and serendipity and the return is pages and pages of artists using the term “serendipity” in association with their work.  A number of art galleries also go by the name “Serendipity.”  Is… Continue reading Chancing the Serendipitous

Weekend Inspiration– has a fabulous article for inspiration titled: 20 Art Inspiration Ideas for Creativity.  All 20 are great ideas.   One favorite for me is number 19, Making Art for Art’s Sake.  The premise behind number 19 is to simply create outside your usual comfort zone.  19 suggests trying something new or different, not focusing on… Continue reading Weekend Inspiration–

Taking Inventory

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” Bill Hicks (from Brainyquote) Suppose you are stranded somewhere without any art supplies. What do you do? You could dissolve into a quivering lump of uselessness or you could look around and see what’s available. Sit down, think about it and have another cup of coffee.… Continue reading Taking Inventory

Weekend Inspiration–Gratitude

Do we, as artists, reveal to the world what there is around us to be grateful for?  We see, hear, and feel the beauty that may be missed by others, especially those caught up in the rat race of the busyness of life. For myself, I forget to approach each canvas as an opportunity to… Continue reading Weekend Inspiration–Gratitude