A Short Hiatus While We Move


We’ll be taking a short hiatus from posting as we move to a new home.  We’ll be back in a few days!!  Don’t tell any secrets while we’re gone!  We will be checking.  🙂

See ya soon!

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10 thoughts on “A Short Hiatus While We Move”

  1. Hello Mary, hope your moving went well! Here is the recipe once again, hope you get it this time!
    You will need the following ingredients: Glass jar with 3 liter capacity, green tomatoes( make them same sizes), 1.5 liter cold water, coarse salt( do not use salt with iodine, will spoil the tomatoes), 1-2 stems of fresh or dry dill, some savory summer leaves, 5-10 black pepper corns, 2-3 bay leaves, 2 small fresh horse radish, peeled and cut in four pieces, 2 small green hot peppers(optional) and 1 small package of preservative powder for pickling( you can buy it in a grocery store).
    Wash tomatoes and let them air dry, clean jar and let it dry too. Place dill, savory summer leaves, black pepper corns and bay leaves on the bottom of your jar, on top of that place your tomatoes. Don’t over fill your glass with to many tomatoes. Insert horse radishes and hot green peppers(optional) between tomatoes. Mix your salt with 1.5 liter water, taste it, it should be a bit salty( the tomatoes will absorb the salt anyway), after that mix in your preservative and pour it over your tomatoes. Don’t over fill your glass, now seal the jar and let it stand for about 2- 21/2 month. Don’t worry if it’s not clear, my Mom told me it will settle down and get clear! Well that’s it, is pretty simple, hope you will enjoy it like I did every time I had some at my Mom’s place.

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