Weekly Photo Challenge-Spring


When the Bearded Iris bloom spring is in full swing.  I wish they lasted more than a few very short weeks.  I’d like to see them bloom all summer but then they may not be quite so special.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Spring

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge-Spring”

  1. Mary, I used to have beared Irises and one just like this. OH! This is SO beautiful. Unfortunately they do not last long, spread and do not stop, and so I decided they needed to be replaced. People in our neighborhood came by to take the rhizomes after I dug them up, so I know they are still blomming somewhere!!! Great shot and I love the details!!! Thank you. Love, Amy

    • Exactly! Somebody needs to teach them some manners. They come out at the beginning of May and show off for two to three weeks then run away again until next year. Very rude!

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