Weekly Photo Challenge–Monuments


I’m not sure what this monument is erected to outside the stadium where the Tennessee Titans play.  I’m pretty sure it is not a monument to football!  The sculpture is attached to the old frame of what, I think, was originally part of an old shipyard or shipping dock for commerce traveling on the river. It sits across the Cumberland River from Downtown Nashville.


Weekly Photo Challenge-Monuments


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Monuments”

  1. I believe that is the monument to the tornado that struck the LP Field construction site on April 16, 1998. No one was killed or injured at the site, but several cranes were destroyed, which delayed construction.

    1. Thank you! I was living in another state at the time of the tornado but my parent’s home sustained some damage. I remember it well. It’s great to know how the monument came to be!

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