Weekend Inspiration–Turning Negative Into Positive

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“I don’t mind what the critics say.  The worst thing is to be ignored.”  Les Dawson (from Brainyquote)

Rare is the artist, writer, photographer, musician who doesn’t at some time receive negative criticism.  After getting past wishing for a VooDoo doll of the critic to stick pins into, try some of these very good suggestions from others who have been there.  Turning the negative into a positive can go a long way to not only restoring confidence but to neutralizing any painful feelings from the encounter.  There is no question that some people love to criticize for a multitude of reasons.  Reverse that negativity as fast as possible and turn it into a fresh green bud of new growth and freedom.  Ultimately, the opposite of the confines of criticism is the freedom of new birth.

Here are some great articles for turning the negative into the positive.

The Artists Network:


The Guardian:




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7 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration–Turning Negative Into Positive

  1. Beautiful, heartening post!! Beginning with your (always!) gorgeous art, to this wise advice that touches my heart:
    “Reverse that negativity as fast as possible and turn it into a fresh green bud of new growth and freedom. Ultimately, the opposite of the confines of criticism is the freedom of new birth.”
    Incredible wisdom here!
    Bless your heart for all you share.
    Love and Light, Gina

  2. I gave an author talk to a great group at a suburban library on Friday, During question time, one of the audience said she’d actually already read my book, and found my style quite hard. She meant difficult. I was absolutely floored, and told her quite honestly that no-one else had ever said that … It was very difficult to finish off. So it’s true: doesn’t matter how many pro things are said, one con throws you completely.

      1. I should possibly have asked her why she was there … but the rest of the group paid no attention. I thint that might’ve been her problem – not having anyone ever pay attention.

  3. Nice work. As far as criticism, whether negative or positive , if it is not intelligent, then it is of little use. The history of professional critics is not something to be proud of if one should be in that field. That said, there is the saying, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Something like that. 😉

    Hope all is well.

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