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Thank you very much to: a great blog with short stories and other fun things, for this nomination.  I hope you will take the time to have a look at this wonderful blog!  I am deeply grateful and wish I had more time to do it justice by thinking of 7 things to say about myself.  But in the interest of “pass this award forward,” I am listing these great blogs (below) and hope you will stop by them as well.  Hopefully, I can come back later to think of 7 things!

Beautiful verse

Art and other fun stuff

Wonderful watercolor

Art transcends language

Always has fun information

Fun coloring!!

Spend some time in nature without leaving home

A beautiful look at Australia

Beautiful nature photography

Fun digital manipulation of art

Art and light

Beautiful painting

Gardener, mom and RN

Music, literature, art and other cool stuff

Published by Painting Pundit

Artist-Art Educator-Art in Healthcare

7 thoughts on “Award

  1. I’ve taken ages to respond to this, health’s been a bit dodgy, but firstly, congratulations, you really deserve this award. And thank you for nominating my own blog, I really appreciate it.

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