“Time sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug.” John Lithgow (from The Painter’s Keys)

There are times when you think you have enough time and suddenly you don’t. From a distance, time appears infinite. A deadline is a long way off. Work toward the deadline is progressing steadily making it very easy to surmise that all is on track and will be accomplished as it should be. But then out of nowhere, “Splat!” The deadline performs a sneak attack. All has hit the windshield! What now??

Once splatter across the windshield has occurred, all that can be done is to scrape the bits up and glue them together. Work with what can be pieced together and carry on. Take inventory. What survived the splatter? Can some semblance of order be made of the remaining splatter? Make a list. Organize the bits. Get creative. Find a theme. Put the theme together. Survival!

The alternative is to remain splattered. And nothing is worse than the sight of guts splattered all over the windshield. It’s so hard to clean off.


This Saturday, April 26, 2014 I will be at the Double Decker Art Fest in Oxford, Mississippi. Anyone nearby, please stop and visit me.  I’d love to chat!

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Other upcoming events will soon be posting.


Feeling the Rain


“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Bob Marley (from Skinnyartist.com)

At the first sign of raindrops splattering on the windowpanes, most people run for cover. Or they unfurl an umbrella and search for the nearest shelter hoping not to get too wet. Still others stay indoors and refuse to come out until the rain stops. What if, instead of running, seeking shelter or staying indoors, people looked up to the dark overcast, forbidding sky and followed Gene Kelly’s example, and began to sing and dance. Instead of running for cover, throw hands up to the sky and let the rain pound down. What if, when the rains pound down on creativity, creative people jumped up and started to dance and sing.

It’s inevitable that the creative spirit will get drowned by daily life at some time or other. How long the drowning lasts, depends on the circumstances. Creative people, like any other group, hunker down and ride out the storm, hoping it won’t wash away too much creativity at the same time. A choice is made to hunker down. Nobody is forced to run for cover or unfurl an umbrella. They just do it because nobody wants to get wet. When it’s raining on the creativity parade, artists console each other and say sweet little nothings like, “don’t worry, the rain can’t last for ever.” What if the rain does last forever? What then?

How about refusing to hunker down? How about leaving the umbrella behind?   How about getting wet? Raining on creativity may be a signal that the artist has not being doing enough singing in the rain. The artist is so busy running for cover that the thought of stopping to sing and dance has never occurred. The next time the creativity parade gets rained on, turn toward the rain and check out what it feels like. Does it taste? Or smell? Tune in. It could be the rain is just watering the next creative idea. Jump in. Play Gene Kelly. And pity the souls who prefer to hunker down while artists are singing, dancing and a lot more than just getting wet. There’s no telling what creation may come from feeling the rain instead of running for cover.


Weekly Photo Challenge-On top


This osprey has a sense of style.  She’s added a fishing float to her home decor up on top of her nest.  This is one shot where I really wished I had a telephoto lens.  (But then I would have to know how to use it!)  There is no telling what other decorating gems she might be hiding up there on top.

Weekly photo challenge-On Top


Art in Healthcare-University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky has an active arts program in the University Hospital. This program incorporates visual, dance and musical arts.  This is one disease I hope continues to spread.